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Commercial Cleaning Services in Nassau County: Do you manage multiple office
spaces? Looking to team up with a cleaning service that can follow directions, take
initiative, and clean to your standards without your direct supervision? We can help!
✔ Banks, Office Buildings, and Doctors’ Offices
✔ Schools and Universities
✔ Hotels, Restaurants and Event Venues
✔ Supermarkets and Retail Stores
And more…

Our Regal Packages

Residential Cleaning Solutions: Save time, hassle AND money with packages that are
designed for large or small homes with specialized requirements and expertise. Our
expert team uses pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, and you can rest
assured that we invite only the most professional, trustworthy, and caring human beings
to join our team.
✔ Post-Event Cleaning and Disinfection
✔ Single and Multi-Family Homes
✔ Studio Apartments
✔ Airbnbs and Vacation Rentals
✔ Apartments and Condos
✔ Home Offices
✔ Garages and Basements
✔ Co-op Buildings
And more…

COVID-19 Sanitation and Cleaning: Ensure that your public waiting area is as clean as a
whistle to protect your clients, customers, and patients. Recommended for doctors,
lawyers, and other professional offices that have a high volume of guests in their waiting
✔ Thorough disinfection and sanitation with organic, eco-friendly products
✔ World-class quality standards
✔ Professionally trained and fully-insured team

Common Area Cleaning: At Regal, community health and safety is a responsibility we
take very seriously. Eliminate the health hazards of unhygienic common areas in
workplaces, residences, and public areas with a professional team that uses
chemical-free, Earth-friendly products for safety and maximum effectiveness.

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